Mother Hubbard User Guide

Welcome to Mother Hubbard and a totally new cooking experience. Mother Hubbard is pretty simple to use, but here are some handy hints to get you going.

Saving your ingredients will mean you do not have to enter them again next time you use Mother Hubbard

Move onto the next category and do the same. If you can't find an ingredient, try using the search box instead

Add whatever ingredients that you have on the list and then press done in the top right corner

When you first open Mother Hubbard you will see this screen. Start by selecting a category, such as Essentials

TIP: You can update your ingredient anytime by selecting “cupboard” 

Getting Started.

Note: Our filters are based on recipe tags and not all recipes are tagged. We suggest experimenting to see which filters work best for your needs.


One you have input your ingredients you will be directed to the My Recipes page. It will show recipes based on your ingredients. 

You may see results of no interest to you. Click on the filter icon in the top right of your screen and select which category to filter by tapping on the field name (not the switch).

Select categories that you do not wish to see in your search results.

If a filter category has been selected, the switch will be turned green. You can turn off filters simply by turning the switches off.

Finding Recipes

The next tab is Ingredients. Here you can update your ingredients by adding through either the category boxes or using the search box at the top as you did when you first used the app

When using the search box, you can select multiple ingredients at one time. 

To view or remove ingredients from your inventory, go to cupboard and simply uncheck the ingredients you want to remove

Managing Ingredients


Not saved as a favourite

Saved as a favourite

You can save a recipe by clicking on the bookmark icon in the top right when viewing a recipe

The Favourites page shows you all your saved recipes

To remove a recipes from Favourites, click on the bookmark icon. You will receive this confirmation message.