Illegal to throw away food?!?

Some things sound crazy at first, but then you stop to think about it and it starts to make sense... For example a couple of months ago in France, a law was passed that would seem like common sense and yet at the same time pure madness. It is actually hugely significant for such a large nation. The French National Assembly voted unanimously to ban supermarkets throwing away or destroying unsold food. (source: The Guardian). It would seem mad to many that a store would buy food and then throw it away, but this is exactly what goes on around the world in large chains of supermarkets. Traditionally this left over food would be destroyed, sometimes with bleach thrown over it, to prevent people rummaging through bins. We live in a world where there can be such a glut of food that we waste it in such a manner and yet in the same town people go hungry because they cannot afford to feed their own families. Whilst in Australian we have pointed out that approximately AU$8b of food is wasted annually, it is estimate in France that it is as high as $20b Euro, or over three times that of Australia.

So the French have made decided that the bin is not a fit place for unsold food produce and instead will be required to donate to charities to help with those unable to afford the food that they require. The people who cannot afford food come from all walks of life. Some are lower educated, others are migrants escaping troubles in their homelands, many are the elderly. The one thing that is becoming more and more common amongst all these people is that they now have access to cheap smart phones, whether low cost options or passed on devices. We hope that they will be able to access Mother Hubbard in the future so that we can play a small role in helping them use the produce that they are now entitled to, rather than it ending up in the waste again.

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