Waste Not Want Not

Nine days have passed since we went out to the world and we figured it was time we came clean on why we are building this app. To be honest, it started as a tool for when we were just too brain dead to work out what to cook, but over time we realized that the impact it could have was far wider. We learnt that this concept could reduce waste, both in terms of food being thrown out and money down the drain. Every little bit helps right? And it turns out that we produce a LOT of waste each year just from the kitchen… Actually it’s almost unbelievable how much we waste. Take lil’ old Australia. Our households reportedly discard up to 20% of the food they purchase, that’s AU$8B cumulatively, or an estimated AU$1,036 per household annually. That is more than the GDP of Zimbabwe!


source: http://www.foodwise.com.au

I want my app!

"So it’s been nearly a week – where’s my app?” you ask. Well this week we have been ruthless in editing down two million plus recipes, separating wheat from chaff, to give you an app that is genuinely useful, whether you have a full or lean-stocked pantry. We are not far off but have a bit more internal testing to do. Following this round of testing we should be a in a position to plan for our release date and will let you know next week. In the mean time here is one interesting fact we have learnt during the process [drumroll]: The average recipe has nine ingredients. There you have it – you heard it here first. So whilst you are waiting for Mother Hubbard to launch, why not read some more gut-churning food wastage facts here http://www.foodwise.com.au/ Bon appetit!

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