Wasn't Mother Hubbard an old woman from a nursery rhyme?


Indeed she was, but has now been reincarnated into a group of avid food-loving technologists with a soft spot for a touch of social good.

We come from all walks of life. Some of us pure technologists, others designers or customer insights specialists... but we all share the same enthusiasm for building an eco-system that retailers, producers and home chefs benefit from. 


So what is Mother Hubbard?

Mother Hubbard is on the surface a simple proposition - tell us what you have, we tell you what you can cook using only those ingredients, nothing else. But like the best meals, what appears simple requires a touch of magic to make happen. 


But why?

Whilst certain industries evolved quickly with advancements in technology, others are slow to catch up. We discovered that the amount of food wastage contributing to unnecessary pollution through production and disposal; the myth that fast-food is cheaper than shopping at the local grocer; or that shoppers are only interested in supermarkets comoditizing and distributing a limited range of produce were plain wrong. So we decided to do something about it.


Want to find out more? 

Awesome, we like making new friends. Drop us a note at admin@motherhubbard.me